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Biography of Qionghui Zou

Chinese artist Qionghui Zou, born in 1975, is a professor and a Master's Supervisor at the Academy of Fine Arts, and a member of the Chinese Artists Association. She ever studied in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute , Central Academy of Fine Arts and Peking University, and was also a visiting scholar at the University of Michigan in 2014. The creation of art works involves Oil Paintings, Mixed Media, Installations and Interactive Media Images. She has held many personal art exhibitions in New York, Toronto, London, Kuala Lumpur,Beijing and so on. Her works are widely collected by art galleries, museums and foundations.

Cicadas and butterflies symbolize the rebirth of life and the world of soul respectively, which were used as a symbol of life and visual vocabulary in the creation of her works. Her series of works, such as Cicadas Language, Cicadas Zen,Transformation Into Butterfly and Dreaming butterfly, are the continuous sublimation of creation  and corresponding realm of life. Qionghui Zou broke the boundary between easel painting and off-easel art, realistic art and abstract art, and finally formed the original Oriental abstract expressionism, and her works show the unique charm and characteristics of Oriental art.

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