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Solo Exhibitions:

2016 “The Eastern of Grace” Art Works Exhibition, MLB Gallery, Kansas, U.S.A 2016 “Reverberation”Art Works Exhibition, Washburn University, Topeka U.S.A 2016 “Zen & Wet-land” Art Exhibition, 50 gallery, Toronto, Canada 2015 “Born Again” Qionghui Zou Solo Exhibition, 456 gallery, New York, U.S.A 2014 “The Cicadas Language&Zen” Zou Qionghui works Exhibition,Today Museum,Beijing,China 2013 “Words of Cicadas VS Normal Persons” Exhibition, City Art Gallery, Malaysia

Group Exhibitions (Selected):

2022 •Invitational exhibition of contemporary art, Avivson Gallery,London •1st Edition of the “Gattopardo” Biennale of Contemporary Art,Italy. •The world revolves around me, M.A.D.S. ART Gallery.Italy. 2021 •Mixed material Painting Academic Exchange Exhibition, Liaohe Art Museum,China •Rongqing Qiu Yun - Young and middle-aged artists painting invitational exhibition, Fuqing Art Museum,China •Mixed material Painting Academic Invitational Exhibition,Xi 'an Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum,China •Great Beauty Chengdu - Cultural travel Sichuan - Chengdu modern landscape oil painting invitational exhibition, Du Fu Art Museum, China 2020 •Time to restart the third contemporary art exhibition, Chengdu Cloud Art Center,China •Tempera Painting Study report exhibition, Peking University Art Museum,China •Round and round -- Academic Invitational Exhibition of Mixed materials painting, Jinan Art Museum,China •Mixed material Painting Academic Invitational Exhibition, Liaohe Art Museum,China •The Spirit of The Times and painting innovation - Mixed material painting academic invitational exhibition,Shanghai Visual Art Museum,China 2019: • Mixed material Painting-China Central Academy of Fine Arts Academic Invitational Exhibition, Shenzhen University Art Museum,China • National Art Foundation Mixed material Painting Academic Invitational Exhibition,Chongqin Art Museum,China • Round and round -- Academic Invitational Exhibition, Shanghai Academy of Visual Arts Art Museum,China • the 13rd National Wall Paintings Art Works Exhibition, Henan Museum,China • Mixed material Painting Academic Invitational Exhibition,Shanghai Marley Art Museum, China • National Art Foundation “Once and again”Mixed Media Nomination Exhibition,Jiling • Mixed Media 2019 annual conference Exhibition,Jiling,China • “Inhertion and Extension” Mixed Media Exhibition, Beijing,China 2018: • "the Temperature of Texture" Mixed Media Works Exhibition, Chengdu Museum, Chengdu,China • Chinese Spirit-4th Oil Painting-Abstract Exhibition, LAFA Museum,Shenyang,China • 2018 National Abstract Art Works Exhibitions,Kansas,U.S.A • "Abstract-Youth"Artist Abstract Group Exhibition,Ginkgo Space,Beijing,China • "Abstract-Youth"Artist Abstract Group Exhibition,LAN Gallery,Shenzheng,China • “Glorious China” Chinese Artists Exhibition,National Academy of Fine Arts of North Calais,France • Mixed material Painting Academic Research Exhibition,Ulanqab Art Museum,China • Mixed material Painting Academic Research Exhibition,Beijing Poly Art Museum, China 2017: • Chinese Spirit-the 4th Oil Painting-Abstract Exhibition, Today Museum,Beijing,China • the 4th "Harmony"Works Invitation Exhibition, Gao Xiaohua Museum, Chengdu, China • the New Silk Load- China Contemporary Sculpture & Installation Exhibition, Liangbolou Arts Museum, Xian,China • Public visual art works exchange exhibition, Shanghai Red Temple Art Center,China • ”Infinite Scenes"Contemporary Work Exhibition,Lille City, France • the 90th Anniversary Army Works Exhibition, Sichuan Museum, Chengdu, China • Mixed material Painting Academic Research Exhibition,Han Yuchen Art Museum in Handan,China • Mixed material Painting Academic Research Exhibition,Shenzhen University ArtMuseum,China • Mixed material Painting Academic Research Exhibition, Gao Xiaohua Art Museum,China • "Go round again and again",Works Invitation Exhibition,Wufu Museum,Wuxi,China • "the Future of Visibility" National Youth Nomination Exhibition, SFAI Museum, Chongqing,China 2016: • National Abstract Art Works Exhibition, Kansas, U.S.A • “Once and again”Mixed Media Nomination Exhibition,CAFA,Beijing,China • Mixed Media Nomination Exhibition,Academy of Arts & Design , Tsinghua University,Beijing,China • Tempera Painting Academic Invitation Exhibition,Baotou Art Museum,China • Annual Exhibition of Art works and Invitational Exhibition of famous artists,Sichuan Art Museum,China 2015: • “Bloom”-2015 contemporary 100 female artists artwork exhibition, Chengdu,China • “Across the light of chaos” Contemporary Art Exhibition,Beijing,China • “ViewPoints 2015' - 18th Annual Juried Exhibition”, New Jersey,U.S.A • “The Night of Summer” Artwork Exhibition,New York,U.S.A • “Ten -4” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hague, Holland • Invitational exhibition of watercolor works of university teachers,Chongqing Art Museum,China 2014: • “Instant Landscape --P5” Experimental Art Exhibition, Chengdu, China • “Spectator” Contemporary Art Exhibition,Chengdu, China • “The 2rd Time Restart” Contemporary Art Exhibition Chongli, China • “2014 Shanghai (World Expo)” Art Exhibition,Shanghai,China • “2014 Art Beijing”Invitation Exhibition,Beijing,China • “Chengdu International” Art Exposition,Chengdu, China • “Wenli Cup” Sichuan Youth Oil Painting Works Exhibition,Chengdu,China 2013: • “The 1st Time Restart” Contemporary Art Exhibition,Chongli, China • “The Abundant Southwest Earth and People”Oil-Painting Invitation Exhibition, Nanling,China • “The 1st Pilgrimage to Dunhuang” invitation exhibition of the National Art, Gansu, China • The 16th Beijing International Art Expo,Beijing,China • “Art Expo Malaysia 2013” Contemporary Art exhibition in China Pavilion,Malaysia 2012: • “Cicadas” Mixed Media Exhibition,Beijin,China • “Art Expo Malaysia 2012” Contemporary Art Exhibition in China Pavilion, Malaysia • “Among the Cities 2012” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chengdu, China • Contemporary Art Exhibition between China and Thailand,Chengdu, China 2000~2011: • “Duetto-international”Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition,Chongqing,China • Overhaul China (Dazhou) Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sichuan,China • Contemporary Art Exhibition between Cities, Sichuan,China • Chengdu Nongyuan International Art Exhibition, Chengdu,China • Chengdu International Art Exhibition, Chengdu, China • The second Biennale of Teachers' Works of Sichuan University of Arts , China • Overhaul Action Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sichuan,China • Small Landscape Exhibition, Chengdu, China • Sichuan Fine Arts Exhibition, Sichuan Art Museum,China • The 5th Sports Art Exhibition, Sichuan Art Museum,China • The second Youth Art Exhibition, Sichuan Art Museum,China • Fine Arts Exhibition of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute,China • College Student Works Exhibition of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute,China

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